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15 Tips for Theft Prevention: Home Insurance in New Bedford

Studies reveal that one home in the United States is the target of burglary or theft every 15 seconds. What are the chances that your home might get broken into when you are away or asleep? It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in, each and every home is a potential target. There is no…

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Allergen-Free Car Ownership Tips from MA Auto Insurance Agents

In just a few short weeks, allergy sufferers will be receiving the full force of seasonal allergens as they venture outdoors to enjoy the spring weather. Pollen from grasses, trees, flowers and more will soon be making its way into our homes and our vehicles. You can roll the windows up, but allergens can impact…

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New Bedford Homeowners Insurance & Safety Tips for Snowbirds

If this year’s annual dumping of snow and ice has made you consider heading south for the winter with the rest of the local snowbirds, there is something that you need to know to protect and safeguard your home while you are gone. It pays to work with your New Bedford insurance agent and speak…

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Oh Deer! What to Do? New Bedford Car Insurance in an Accident

One of the scariest types of accidents that Massachusetts drivers can get into is when they have a collision with a deer or other type of wildlife. These are common occurrences here in the northeast where there are many vehicle versus deer situations. Wildlife accidents can happen throughout the year and even in the winter…

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How to Save Money & Protect Your New Bedford Home in Winter

There are two things that every homeowner should strive to do, regardless of the season: save money and protect your investment. Insurance companies in New Bedford, MA and the entire New England region, work diligently to help their clients find new ways to protect their homes from potential hazards throughout the year. When it comes…

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New Bedford Auto Insurance: Handling a Hit and Run Situation

So you parked your personal vehicle at the shopping mall while you ducked in to do some holiday shopping and came back out only to find that someone had damaged your car! What do you do? Who do you call? How can you ever recoup your losses if you don’t know who hit you or…

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Does Your Car Have the Right Tires for Winter in New Bedford?

Vehicle owners in the northeastern states have a responsibility to ensure that they have the proper tires for the weather conditions. Your Massachusetts auto insurance provider wants to make sure that you learn all you can about vehicle safety year-round. If you have any questions about car safety and how it can positively or negatively…

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Tips for New Bedford Homeowners to Prevent Ice Dam Formation

One of the most damaging things that can happen to your home during a winter storm is the formation of ice dams. Your New Bedford insurance agent wants to make sure that you understand the importance of taking preventive measures when it comes to this frequent problem. Before the winter season hits, take time to…

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Protect Car Exterior in Winter: Auto Insurance in New Bedford

The most damaging season for car exteriors by far is winter. Not only is there snow, ice and road hazards galore, but there’s also salt, road oil, gravel, sand and de-icing chemicals to consider. Borden Insurance Company in New Bedford wants to help you find new ways to protect your vehicle year-round. Auto insurance companies…

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