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New Bedford Homeowners Insurance: Autumn Seasonal Repair Tips

Each season represents a brand new quarter of homeownership. There are certain types of home repair that should be done at the start of each season to ensure that your home stays in good working condition, especially during inclement weather conditions. Massachusetts homeowners insurance covers you for lots of different types of accidents and damage…

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New Bedford Home Insurance Tips: How to Be a Smart Homeowner

If you are new to owning a home, you might think that homeowners insurance is just something that the mortgage company requires you to get to finance your home loan. While this is partially true, it is important to get a policy that won’t just protect the lender, but that protects you and your belongings…

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How to Pick the Best Auto Insurance Companies in New Bedford

Contrary to popular belief, the best car insurance in New Bedford is not the company that offers the cheapest rates on their auto insurance quote, but it’s also not necessarily the company has the highest rates either. The best type of insurance companies in New Bedford, MA, and the surrounding area are the ones that…

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Hiring a Sub-Contractor for Home Remodeling in New Bedford, MA

Homeowner beware: did you know that hiring a contractor, sub-contractor, or any type of service for your home could potentially be putting yourself at risk? Before you invite any worker onto your property to perform any work, including landscaping, handyman, remodeling, or basic fence repair, make sure that you ask to see a current certificate…

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Back to School in New Bedford, MA: Get Your Car Ready to Go!

Whether you are headed off to college or making plans to shuttle your children to and from elementary school, it is important to get ahead of maintenance servicing for your personal vehicle before the school year starts. Whatever your schedule, take time now to get your car or truck in order so you won’t have…

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Do You Have Enough Insurance in New Bedford for Summer Fun?

Whenever you do or add something new, it is always a good idea to speak with your MA auto insurance agent. The same holds true for homeowners or renters who have insurance policies in New Bedford. Summer often brings a lot of new things, such as backyard pools, vacations by the lake, road trips, landscaping…

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Home Insurance Quote in New Bedford, MA for New Home Buyers

One of the most exciting and trying moments in life is purchasing a brand new home. There are lots of expenses to think about outside of the monthly mortgage payment, such as the down payment, annual property taxes, and getting a home insurance quote. New Bedford homeowners insurance is designed to protect your investment from…

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New Bedford Car Owners: Protect Your Vehicle in Summer Heat

Summer is on its way, and it will be hot before you know it. Your insurance agency in New Bedford wants you to stay cool and comfortable behind the wheel. There are things that you can do to make summer driving even more pleasant, and tips that you can use to help keep your car…

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Indoor & Outdoor Summer Home Maintenance Tips for New Bedford

Summertime is almost here – you can feel it in the air. Get ready for blue skies, sunshine days, thunderstorms, heat, and humidity. Before the temperature rises too high, it’s a good idea to get out there are start checking things off your summer to-do list so you can get out there and enjoy the…

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