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New Bedford Homeowners Insurance: Winter Energy Conservation

There are two goals for most homeowners in Massachusetts during the winter months: keep warm and find new ways to reduce energy consumption to avoid a big utility bill. While New England homeowners will always have significant winter energy bills, it is possible to reduce consumption considerably and help your home to be more efficient. Your New Bedford homeowners insurance policy should be updated if you make any major changes. While adding a brand new heater or upgrading old ductwork probably won’t reduce your MA homeowners insurance premium, you should still make sure that your insurance agency in New Bedford notes the updates in your file.

The point of getting quality Massachusetts homeowners insurance is to protect your investment. If you are just insuring the bare minimum of your home and belongings, your policy may not cover some types of claims. It pays to work with your agent to make sure that your home insurance in New Bedford is up-to-date. You should report any new projects that you have done to improve energy conservation, as well as any other types of upgrades that you make to security, remodeling for the kitchen and bathroom, flooring upgrades, and other related renovations.

Fireplace Tips to Improve Efficiency

A nice warm fire in the middle of winter is a welcome treat. Unfortunately, a lot of fireplaces can make your HVAC system have to work harder to keep the space up to a comfortable temperature. Get an inspection of your fireplace to make sure that the doors are airtight and that they seal the area off to prevent heat loss through the chimney. Even when a fire is going, all that warm air can just make it’s way up the chimney and go out into the cold outside air. For safety’s sake, it is also a good idea to have a fireplace inspected before you use it and hire a professional chimney sweep to keep it clean each year. Maintaining the safety of your home is vital for your MA homeowners insurance policy. If you neglect basic maintenance and repairs, you might not be covered for damages if an investigation determines that your lack of care was at-fault.

Fix Drafty Windows to Prevent Heat Loss

Another common cause of increased utility bills in the winter for heating is drafty windows. Ideally, you should get your windows, doors, and any other outdoor openings inspected for drafts before the cold weather hits. A professional insulation expert can help you improve the air and vapor seal around doors and windows to prevent heat loss. Enhancing or increasing residential insulation in your attic and around the exterior of your home can also make a big difference, but if you notice that your windows are cold in the winter, it could be an indication that they are allowing heat to escape. Report any major upgrades to your insurance agency in New Bedford, especially if you replace old windows with new triple pane Energy Star versions.

Upgrade Thermostat to Save Money

Another great way to reduce consumption and lower your winter heating bill is to upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model. Studies published by the U.S. Department of Energy show that for every degree you lower the thermostat, you can save approximately one percent of your energy bill. However, if you keep it too low, you might have to bundle up and wear extra clothes or use blankets while gathering in the living room. However, there are many other safe solutions to warming a single room, such as a living room or den. Space heaters, as long as they come with safety auto shut-off options and are used only with supervision, can be a great way to cut down on HVAC heater use.

Get a Professional Home Energy Audit

To find out if your home has proper thermal management or if you could make energy-saving improvements by hiring a professional insulation expert or another specialized contractor, consider getting a home energy audit. Instead of just assuming that you need to replace your windows, seal your doors, or upgrade your attic insulation, it can be helpful to order a professional audit and see what’s going on in your home. Ask your Massachusetts homeowners insurance provider for referrals to trusted sources that can help you with a good home energy audit. Your New Bedford homeowners insurance agent can also provide you with other tips and suggestions that will help you protect your home during the winter.

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