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5 Best Home Insurance Tips in New Bedford for New Homeowners

Congratulations! You just bought a brand new house! Among the things that you need to do to get on the road to smart ownership, making sure that you have a quality Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy should be at the top of your list. Sometimes, while going through all of the paperwork and basic requirements to close the sale, it is easy to overlook things that should have been covered in your New Bedford home insurance policy. While it all starts with a simple home insurance quote, it is a good idea to go back over your coverage for home insurance in New Bedford with a trusted agent to ensure that you have all the coverage that you need.

Make Repairs
While you likely had a home inspection prior to moving in, it doesn’t hurt to hire a professional who works for you that can go through the house to determine if everything is in good working order and is safe for you and your family. A leaky gutter, a clogged toilet line, a rickety stair railing, or a breaker that keeps tripping when you run the dishwasher might all seem like small issues, but it is smart to get a second opinion from a professional who might be able to spot a bigger problem at work and fix it before it becomes a very costly project. Start making notes of small things that you notice as you move into the home and take care of them as you are able. However, if you notice any serious problems you need to call someone out right away.

Schedule Maintenance
Part of owning a home is maintaining it to protect your long-term investment. Regular maintenance should be performed, based on the type of house that you own, the age of the property, and any new upgrades that might have been made. Annual check-ups for HVAC systems, septic systems, plumbing, and electrical can help you keep everything in good working order, ensure that your home is running effectively and efficiently, and you might even reduce energy consumption due to heating and cooling costs as a result. Speak with your New Bedford home insurance agent for more tips on home maintenance that will help you protect your new house for many years to come.

Work With Licensed and Insured Contractors
When it comes time to make repairs, perform maintenance, or do remodeling on your new home, don’t just trust the work to the first sign you see or call the first name in the phone book. Make sure to take some time to vet a contractor, checking licensing and insurance, certifications, and references, especially if you will be doing a major renovation. Not only will this help you avoid the troubles that can come from working with a bad contractor, but it will also help you with your Massachusetts homeowners insurance, guaranteeing that the work was done according to regulations and specifications.

Report Any Upgrades to Your Agent
If you do any remodeling, renovations, additions, or upgrades to your home, make sure to speak with your agent about your New Bedford home insurance policy. Your policy is designed to cover the replacement of the things in your home in the event of damage or total loss, so if you replaced those old countertops with high-quality granite or if you bought a brand new high-tech television for your living room, you should call your agent to update your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy.

Add Security Items
One of the best ways to improve your home, make it more secure, and save money on your home insurance quote is to add security items, such as monitored security services, smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and other helpful appliances. It is important to speak with your agent about the types of security items that will make the most difference to your policy. Also, because your New Bedford home insurance agent works with neighbors in the area for claims due to theft or burglary, you might be able to gain some insight as to the best types of products and services to purchase to safeguard your home.

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