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New Bedford Home Insurance Tips: How to Be a Smart Homeowner

If you are new to owning a home, you might think that homeowners insurance is just something that the mortgage company requires you to get to finance your home loan. While this is partially true, it is important to get a policy that won’t just protect the lender, but that protects you and your belongings too. There are certain things that you will want to ask when you visit your local insurance agency in New Bedford. Massachusetts homeowners insurance is different than insurance policies in other states, so if you are new to New England, you will want to review your policy options when you get a home insurance quote. For the best New Bedford home insurance policy, make sure to visit Borden Insurance.

Prepare for a Total Loss
Some homeowners shop for policies and think only about minor damage, theft, and other common issues. However, your home insurance quote should be based upon making sure that you are fully protected in the event of a total loss. Fires, earthquakes, floods, and other weather-based damage are the real threats faced by homeowners. Hurricanes and the damage that is caused by their aftermath, as well as hail, high winds, and heavy snowfall, are also things to consider when living in the northeastern states. What does your New Bedford home insurance policy cover? Do you have enough insurance to cover a total loss?

Choose a Reputable Agency
Most people tend to just go with the name that they know best. However, getting insured through a popular service that you see on TV a hundred times during a Red Sox or Patriots game is not necessarily the way to go. Choose an insurance agency in New Bedford that has a long-standing reputation for providing quality customer service, top notch Massachusetts homeowners insurance coverage, and one that has the policy options that you require. Borden Insurance has provided quality auto and home insurance in the South Coast region for over 100 years. Our reputation has been built on trust and results. If you are in need of New Bedford home insurance coverage, make sure to contact Borden Insurance and speak with one of our friendly and experienced agents.

Ask About Full Replacement Coverage
All those cheap quotes that you see on TV and hear about on the radio leave out some pretty important information. In fact, most companies that provide Massachusetts homeowners insurance are afraid to tell homeowners the truth about full replacement coverage. It costs more than the basic policy that most homeowners in America have, but it provides you the comprehensive and complete home insurance, which is something that you need if you want to avoid being underinsured in the event of a disaster or total loss. Make sure to ask your agent about full replacement coverage when you call to get a home insurance quote. You aren’t just getting home insurance to satisfy a requirement of buying a home; you are buying insurance to protect your investment in the future.

Be Open and Honest
When you discuss your options with an insurance agency in New Bedford, make sure to answer all questions openly and honestly. If you have construction issues, own high-value personal property, or want to put in a brand new pool, all of these things and more should be discussed with your agent. If you have any additional structures, such as a shed or garage, you will want to share that information with your agent. Everything from the materials used in your kitchen to the type of security system that you installed can affect and influence your home insurance quote.

Contents Coverage
Make sure you also ask your agent about contents coverage. Depending on your policy, your contents limits might only be a fraction of what you need to fully replace your personal belongings if your home were to become severely damaged or you suffered a complete loss. Photograph or video your belongings to have proof of what you own just in case you need to file a claim in the future. You should also make a list of everything valuable that you own and store it somewhere off-site in a safe deposit box or some other secure location. Ask your agent about contents coverage in your home insurance quote to make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your belongings with your New Bedford home insurance policy.

Home Improvements
If you remodel your kitchen, bathroom or add on a new room, make sure to contact your Massachusetts homeowners insurance agency to let them know about the changes. This is important information and, in fact, you should visit your agent at least once a year to make sure that all of your policy data is accurate and up-to-date. You don’t want to end up with any questions when you go to make a claim or have any delays due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

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