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Hiring a Sub-Contractor for Home Remodeling in New Bedford, MA

Homeowner beware: did you know that hiring a contractor, sub-contractor, or any type of service for your home could potentially be putting yourself at risk? Before you invite any worker onto your property to perform any work, including landscaping, handyman, remodeling, or basic fence repair, make sure that you ask to see a current certificate of insurance. The average MA homeowners insurance policy provides a broad range of protection, but if you regularly hire people to mow your lawn, clean your pool, or babysit your kids, you will want to make sure that you have enough home liability insurance as part of your overall policy for home insurance in New Bedford. In the world today, lawsuits against homeowners are extremely common. Your first and best step when hiring anyone to do work on your property is to make sure that they are licensed and insured to perform the type of work that you are hiring them to do.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?
Whenever you hire someone to perform work on-site at your home, you are opening yourself up to liability. Should the person get hurt while performing a service for you at your home, whether it is due to neglect or you are directly at-fault, they could hold you financially liable for any injury that they receive, as well as any resulting disability. When you speak with your local New Bedford insurance agent and take a look at your policy, make sure to look at the liability coverage limit. You can increase the limit when you get a new home insurance quote, which would likely increase the amount that you pay each year for your premium. If you regularly hire workers that are uninsured, you will want to boost your liability coverage to protect yourself and your investment.

You will want to contact your MA homeowners insurance provider to verify what is covered and the amount of coverage. However, the typical basic liability insurance for home insurance in New Bedford will usually include legal representation, if you are sued by a worker, as well as payment for any legal judgment made against you, which would be subject to the terms, limits, and conditions of the coverage that you purchased. This is where the dollar amount comes in and is considered during a lawsuit. Additional coverage can include payment for accidents that happen off of your property, such as your dog getting loose and causing damage or your kid hitting a baseball through your neighbor’s big picture window.

Never Assume Coverage
The best piece of advice that you can ever get from a New Bedford insurance agent is never to assume coverage. Don’t assume that your gardener has insurance when you hire him or that he has renewed it after working for you for several years – always ask to see the current certificate. And don’t assume that your MA homeowners insurance policy and liability insurance is enough to protect you in all situations. Make it a point to sit down with your agent to go over your coverage at least once each year. Another way to increase coverage without simply boosting your liability limits is to purchase what is known as an “umbrella” policy, which acts as a supplement to your existing homeowner’s insurance to provide extra protection.

Even something as simple as lawn mowing, as done by the neighbor kid down the street, can be a potential liability. When you get a home insurance quote, make sure to discuss the amount of liability insurance with your agent. A simple injury caused by a lawn mower kicking up a rock or the worker getting cut by sharp mowing blades can cost thousands of dollars in medical care, property loss, and – depending on the situation – possible worker’s compensation. Weigh in the increased cost of your MA homeowners insurance policy and the increase in risk for hiring that landscaper, and you might think twice about indulging in cheap labor.

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