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Should You Contact Your Auto Insurance Agent in New Bedford?

When it comes to working with your local insurance agency in New Bedford, how often have you really contacted your local MA auto insurance agent? Chances are you spoke when you got your first auto insurance quote and again when you made adjustments to your policy. If you ever had to make a claim on your car insurance in New Bedford or ask a question, you may have spoken to your agent again, but really, how often do you contact your local insurance office throughout the year?

However, there are times when contacting your agent can be beneficial. When you work with a professional insurance agency in New Bedford, such as Borden Insurance, you can count on the team of experienced agents to help you with more than just auto insurance quotes and claims. Here is a list of times when you should definitely contact your MA auto insurance agent to get the most out of all the quality services that they are able to provide.

The most common situation where you should contact your agent about car insurance in New Bedford is when you need to make a claim or check on an existing claim. Communication is key. Your agent can make filing a claim after an accident a lot less stressful. Provide all of the details regarding the accident to your MA auto insurance agent and they will file the claim and have a claims adjuster contact you to go over the next steps.

If you have questions, problems, or just want to check on the status of a claim, you can also contact your insurance agency in New Bedford for assistance. While your agent might not be handling your claim at the local office – it usually goes to either a national or regional department – they can definitely make phone calls to get you the information you need.

Policies change over time. When you first got your auto insurance quote from Borden Insurance, it might have just been you on the policy. But now you’re married or your child is now driving age, so it’s important to make the appropriate changes. Contact your agent about your car insurance in New Bedford whenever you want to add or remove drivers from your policy. If you aren’t sure what you need to do – or what is required in a particular situation – your MA auto insurance agent can help.

The same holds true if you need to make changes to the vehicles on your policy. Putting a new vehicle on, taking another vehicle off, or adding a second vehicle to your coverage requires getting a new auto insurance quote. In some cases you might be eligible for additional savings with a second vehicle on your policy. Make sure to contact your insurance agency in New Bedford ahead of time to find out what you need to do if you are buying or selling a vehicle.

Sometimes there are other simple changes that need to be made to your policy. Contact your MA auto insurance agent if you are moving, as your new address could make a difference in your premium or coverage opportunities. Whether you are moving outside of Massachsuetts or staying in the local area, it is important to contact your agent right away as soon as you know your new address. Other changes can include changing the coverage on a vehicle temporarily during the winter season or adding a temporary vehicle to your policy.

If you don’t already have your homeowners insurance, life insurance, yacht and marine insurance, or business insurance with Borden Insurance, give us a call and get a FREE comprehensive analysis of your existing coverage. Multi-policy account holders are often eligible for discounts on coverage. Your MA auto insurance agent will do everything they can to get you the best all-around auto insurance quote, based upon your needs and your budget. Make sure to contact our team of experienced agents right away to see what other discounts you might be eligible for at Borden Insurance.

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