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Road Trip Preparation Tips from Your MA Auto Insurance Agent

Are you ready to put winter behind you and start planning a road trip to enjoy the glorious spring and summer weather that is surely on its way? There’s nothing more American than taking a road trip. Getting out of town and away from the everyday schedule and scenery is a favorite vacation plan for most. Even if the roads are crowded and the gas prices swing a little high, there’s still just nothing quite like being out on the open road. A short trip throughout New England or a beautiful ride down the coast to the Florida Keys, it pays to be prepared, know where you are going, and have all the things you will need, regardless of the situation.

Step One: Be Prepared
Before you take a road trip, it plans to be prepared. Your New Bedford car insurance company wants to offer some tips that will help you to have a safe trip that contains more good memories than regrets. In addition to getting you the best auto insurance quote in the state, your MA auto insurance agent can provide you with lots of great tips and assistance, whether you are staying in the good old U.S.A. or taking a trip to the northern or southern borders. Update your records and make sure that your Massachusetts auto insurance policy is there to safeguard and protect your investments and assets no matter where you decide to roam.

Make specific plans for your trip. While many people rely on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to get them from point A to point B, it pays to sit down and look at an actual map when plotting out your course. Review the entire route, print out directions, and make sure you have a physical map with you, just in case there’s no cell phone reception or Wi-Fi where you are going. You should plan pit stops and gas points, just to make sure you don’t end up in an area where there are no gas pumps. You can use apps like to estimate gas prices throughout your trip and lead you to the best prices along your route.

Step Two: Review the Weather
The last thing you want to do when leaving the snowstorms of Massachusetts behind is to find yourself smack dab in the middle of a hurricane when you reach the beach. Keep an eye on the weather before you leave and throughout your trip. Bad weather can pop up suddenly, especially if you are traveling near the coast or midwestern plains, so you will want to stay on top of it whenever you get a chance. Weather apps can be helpful, but it pays to check local weather whenever possible, as it will typically be more accurate.

Make sure you pack appropriately for your trip, having extra clothes, bad weather gear, footwear, and road gear, to help keep you safe. Your New Bedford car insurance is designed to protect your vehicle and your assets in the event of an accident. Your job is to find as many ways to protect yourself and your passengers while on a road trip. Bring all of your information, including your Massachusetts auto insurance policy and contact information for your MA auto insurance agent at Borden Insurance.

Step Three: Defeat Boredom
Even the most exciting road trip will have segments that can cause boredom for yourself and your passengers. Playing games with the kids, such as 20 Questions or I Spy can be helpful, but it is also important to bring along something to keep everyone entertained. In-car DVD players, pre-loaded movies on tablets or even games on smartphones can help keep your passengers busy so you won’t have to hear, “Are we there yet?” every five minutes.

Make sure to bring along:

  • headphones for kids so you won’t have to hear movies, music, and games
  • something for everyone to do that will help to deter fighting
  • healthy snacks to prevent passengers from getting cranky between stops
  • car chargers, portable chargers and other charging equipment to keep everything working as it should throughout your trip
  • comfortable pillows, blankets or special neck pillows for dozers

Step Four: Visit Borden Insurance in New Bedford
Before you get your motor running and head out on the highway, make sure to visit your MA auto insurance agent at Borden Insurance. We can get you a great auto insurance quote and help you update your Massachusetts auto insurance policy before you head out of town. It pays to stay on top of changes to your policy to ensure that you are properly covered for all eventualities. Traveling out of the country? Make sure to work with your agent to get extra coverage for your New Bedford car insurance that will protect you anywhere you go. Give us a call at 508-999-3636 to get a FREE auto insurance quote or to speak with one of our agents.