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15 Tips for Theft Prevention: Home Insurance in New Bedford

Studies reveal that one home in the United States is the target of burglary or theft every 15 seconds. What are the chances that your home might get broken into when you are away or asleep? It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in, each and every home is a potential target. There is no way that you can assume it can’t happen to you. Your MA homeowners insurance has provisions that protect you from loss associated with burglary or theft, but the best way to prevent this from happening is to learn all you can about proven methods used to deter would-be thieves from targeting your home.

Tip #1 – Change Your Locks
Did you get new locks when you purchased your home? A survey of homeowners in America revealed that many new home buyers never considered the idea of changing the locks when they bought their current home. Your New Bedford insurance agent highly recommends that you change the locks immediately when you purchase a new home to prevent any potential issue with neighbors, family, friends, service providers or other acquaintances of the previous homeowner from entering your home or garage.

Tip #2 – Assess the Situation
Check your home’s doors, door frames, window security devices and garage doors to ensure that they are made of good quality materials and that they are locked at all times – even when you are home. Home insurance in New Bedford is just as much about being alert and aware as it is purchasing a homeowners policy.

Tip #3 – Sliding Glass Doors
One of the most common methods used by burglars to gain entry to homes is sliding glass doors. They can be easily jimmied open by an experienced thief. Use pin-style locks to provide extra protection at night and when you are not at home. Consider using a metal rod in the track for additional prevention.

Tip #4 – Mail Slots & Doggie Doors
Check any extra access points, such as mail slots in the front door or doggie doors in exterior doors. Thieves have been known to use a coat hanger, much like you would fish a door lock on an automobile, to unlock front doors and garage doors through mail slots and doggie door openings.

Tip #5 – Block Garage Windows
If you have a window on your garage door, consider adding peel-and-stick coverings, blinds or shades on the inside to prevent bad guys from peeking in to see if anyone is home.

Tip #6 – Lock Windows
If you have double-hung locking windows, make sure to actually lock them with key locks for added protection. Ask your New Bedford homeowners insurance provider about any discounts or incentives associated with adding extra security measures to your home.

Tip #7 – Motion Lights
Take the time to invest in installing motion detection lights around your home. There are now many long-lasting and bright options available in solar powered lights that can be simply installed with a screwdriver or a drill and a few minutes of your time.

Tip #8 – Porch Lights
Replace old bulbs with brighter LED lights to ensure that you have a clear view of anyone that might be on your property after dark. Good quality lights are a great deterrent for burglars.

Tip #9 – Security System
Before you go shopping for a home security system, speak with your New Bedford insurance agent about potential discounts. The amount you can save on your MA homeowners insurance will depend on the type of system, so it pays to find out ahead of time.

Tip #10 – Use Security Signs
It may seem like a small thing, but make sure to clearly post your security warning signs clearly near your front door, side door, back door, backyard gate, and garage.

Tip #11 – Discuss Security
Take time to talk with your family about home security. Make sure everyone knows how important it is to keep the house locked up and be aware of potential security risks.

Tip #12 – Smart Vacations
When you go out of town, even if it’s just for the weekend, be smart about leaving your home unsupervised. Ask a neighbor to get your newspaper or, if you will be out of town for any length of time, discontinue delivery until you return. Don’t use social media to post announcements about your trip or photos from your vacation until you get back.

Tip #13 – Emergency Contacts
Create a list of emergency contact numbers and post it for everyone in the house to see. Include 9-1-1 and any other local emergency numbers, as well as contact information for every person in the house, work numbers, and cell phone numbers.

Tip #14 – Neighborhood Watch
Take time to join the local neighborhood watch and get actively involved. Neighbors should share information with each other about suspicious vehicles in the area or thefts that they have experienced so everyone else can be more diligent and aware.

Tip #15 – Review Your Policy
Contact your New Bedford insurance agent to go over your policy. Don’t just assume that you are covered. Your New Bedford homeowners insurance policy should be updated yearly or more frequently if any significant changes or purchases are made.

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