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New Bedford Auto Insurance: Handling a Hit and Run Situation

So you parked your personal vehicle at the shopping mall while you ducked in to do some holiday shopping and came back out only to find that someone had damaged your car! What do you do? Who do you call? How can you ever recoup your losses if you don’t know who hit you or what happened? It is important to know what to do in situations where you will need to contact your local insurance agency in New Bedford. Massachusetts auto insurance with full coverage provides for a number of different types of claims.  Getting hit in a parking lot is likely going to be one of them.

When it comes time to shop for New Bedford car insurance, don’t just go with the cheapest auto insurance quote. It is important to choose an agency that can provide you with the protection that you need, either as a requirement of your auto loan lender, or as specialty insurance due to the type of vehicle that you own. If you are searching for quality insurance in Massachusetts, contact Borden Insurance Agency in New Bedford.

Step One: Ask Potential Witnesses
If your vehicle was hit while you were in the mall, start asking any people who you see around whether they saw what happened. Parking lot security and other employees might have seen something as well as other shoppers. If you find someone who did see the accident occur, get their name, phone number and any specific information that they have about the person who did the damage, such as a license plate number, color or make and model of the vehicle.

Step Two: Take Photos
Before you leave the scene, make sure to take photos of your vehicle. Get pictures that show where your vehicle was parked – and that it was parked properly – as well as multiple angles of the damage. If you take photos with your cellphone send copies  to your home email just to make sure they don’t get accidentally deleted. Share the photos with your New Bedford car insurance agent when you contact them about your claim.

Step Three: Contact the Police
Make sure to also contact the local police department before you leave the scene. This is a very important step in making a claim for Massachusetts auto insurance. Share the information you collected on any witnesses. They will likely take their own photos, but if you have to leave the scene before the police arrive or if they are unable to come out and take the report at the scene in person, make sure to share your photos with them as well.

Step Four: Contact Your Agent
The next step is to contact your insurance agency in New Bedford to let them know what happened. They will walk you through the process every step of the way. Make sure you do this right away, as the insurance policy requires you to report hit and run accidents to the police or submit an “operators report” to them so the claim can be considered a not-at-fault accident. Your agent will let you know if you are required to do anything else.

Step Five: Get a Repair Quote
Your Massachusetts auto insurance agency will likely tell you to visit one or more local insurance appraisal shops to get a repair quote for the damage. This will help them to determine how much it will cost to make the repairs to your vehicle. In some situations, a claims adjuster will come to your home or business to look at the car and determine whether repairs should be made or not.

Quality New Bedford Car Insurance
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