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Electrical Safety Tips and Tricks for New Bedford Homeowners

Electrical Home Safety Tips for New BedfordWhen you purchase home insurance in New Bedford, it is important to continue to maintain and repair your home as necessary to protect it from potential disaster. According to statistics released by the federal government, fire departments in the United States respond to nearly 48,000 electrical-related fires each year. It is important to check your home regularly for potential electrical hazards and to hire a professional to inspect your home whenever you are doing any major repairs, remodeling or renovations.

Homeowners insurance will protect you against damage or destruction caused by fires, but New Bedford homeowners need to make sure that they do everything possible to keep their homes safe. Contact your New Bedford insurance agent for details on homeowner responsibilities or to get even more tips on electrical safety and fire prevention.

Basic Safety Tips
There are some basic tips that most homeowners don’t know about that can actually prevent an electrical-related fire from occurring. Once you learn these tips, you can use them regularly to ensure that your home is as safe as possible.

  • loose light bulbs can cause sparks – make sure all bulbs are properly tightened
  • check wattage limits – exceeding the maximum wattage for a fixture can be dangerous
  • changing light bulbs – make sure to turn off or unplug a fixture before changing
  • appliances and outlets – limit one per outlet for safety
  • reduce risk – unplug appliances and fixtures when not in use
  • cords are dangerous – make sure to keep cords away from tubs, sinks, kids and pets

Cords & Outlets
Speaking of electrical cords, here are some more tips from your residential insurance agency that you might not be aware of, that can prevent common hazards in your home. For example, did you know that extension cords should only be used for temporary purposes? However, many New Bedford homeowners use them every day. Make sure cords are visible – don’t cover them up with rugs even if they are unsightly. If you have any cords that are cracked, frayed or kinked, throw them out right away. Never staple or nail cords to walls and make sure that plugs are not loose.

Your New Bedford insurance agent could tell you a think or two about outlets as well. Make sure to never plug in more than two items per outlet to prevent overloading. Install tamper-resistant covers to protect children and pets from potential shock. Increase safety by installing a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter, anywhere that there is water present, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements and outdoor areas. Home insurance in New Bedford may start with purchasing a policy, but the homeowner should must do regular maintenance and servicing to keep the home safe and protected for many years to come.

Outdoor Hazards
It is also important to think about outdoor threats that can be potentially hazardous to New Bedford homeowners and their homes. If you see downed power lines after a storm, you must always assume that they are live and call for assistance rather than trying to move around or near them. If you live in a neighborhood where there are live wires overhead, make sure to contact local utility companies in the event of any emergency or concern. Do your part and keep things like ladders and other equipment away from electrical wires. Trim trees, bushes and other landscaping away from electrical wires and poles.

When to Call a Professional
If you see signs of electrical problems occurring in your home, then it’s time to call out a professional electrician. Don’t attempt to make electrical repairs or renovations on your own. Your insurance may not cover damages that are due to your own neglect or improper repairs. Speak with your New Bedford insurance agent to make sure that any work you do in your home is protected.

  • frequent tripping of circuits
  • repeated blowing of fuses
  • lights that flicker or dim when not in a storm
  • outlets that feel warm
  • appliances that blow out or suddenly quit working

Quality Home Insurance in New Bedford
It is important to make sure that you have the right amount or limit of homeowners insurance and the proper type of coverage for your home. New Bedford homeowners can stop by and speak with an agent at Borden Insurance to check on policies, make changes or adjustments to coverage, advise their agent of any remodeling, renovations or upgrades to the home, or to simply ask questions about responsible home ownership. If you need home insurance in New Bedford, give us a call at 508-999-3636 to get a FREE quote.