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New Bedford Auto Insurance: Taking Care of Foggy Car Windows

Foggy Car Windows and SafetyWhenever the temperature is cold on one side and warm on the other, you run a chance of having foggy windows. Regardless of the season or where you live, you have probably had to deal with fogged up windows before. Your MA auto insurance agent wants to give you tips that can help you to prevent foggy windows and know what to do if it happens. Driving with foggy windows is not safe for you or the other drivers on the road, so your auto insurance in New Bedford, MA wants to make sure that you know what to do to keep yourself safe.

How It Works
In the winter, as you try to stay warm inside your car by turning on the heater, the battle between warm and cold makes the windows fog up on the inside. However, fog can happen even in the summertime. If you are in an area that is warm and humid, fog can build up on the outside of your windows when you turn the air conditioning on inside. Unfortunately, whether it is outside or inside, fog can cause your windows to blur and it can become a serious hazard.

Any moisture at all – either in the air, from rain or snowy weather, even the moisture that comes from you and your passengers breathing inside the vehicle – causes condensation that makes your car’s windows fog up. Because you can’t control all of these variables, it is best to just learn how to make your windows clear no matter what the weather or time of year. These tips from your New Bedford insurance agent can help.

Colder Outside Temperatures
When the weather is cold outside, leading you to put the heater on inside of your car, your MA auto insurance agent wants you to know that this is what can lead to fog forming on the inside of your car windows. To clear them quickly, you can drop the temperature inside your vehicle by switching on the defrost vent and crack a window. Turning on the heat will just make the fog increase. Once the temperature drops inside of your vehicle, your windows should clear. You can also use the window defogger on your rear window to help clear up your view. While this is a great plan to quickly clear up windows, you and your passengers will be freezing, so you will want to try something else for the rest of your trip.

Once you get your windows clear and safe for driving, insurance companies in New Bedford, MA and all throughout New England, recommend that you use the defroster to increase air circulation and blow warm air over the windshield to evaporate away the moisture. Shut off the recirculate feature that recycles the air through your HVAC system inside your vehicle. This will help you pull in fresh air that is drier than the moist air that is causing the foggy windows.

PREVENTION – You can also prevent your windows from fogging up by keeping your car glass as clean and free from dirt as possible. There are also products that you can purchase at your local auto parts store that you can use to prevent fog from forming in the first place. Speak with your New Bedford insurance agent about other seasonal driving tips and safety.

Warmer Outside Temperatures
There are also instances where the temperature and moisture content may be higher outside of your vehicle than they are inside your vehicle. Rain storms in the summer are just one example. Insurance companies in New Bedford, MA get a lot of claims filed by people who were in an accident due to the other driver having fogged up windows or other visibility issues during a rain storm. You can keep yourself, your passengers and your vehicle safe by making sure that this doesn’t happen to you. The key is to make the temperatures equal. If the windows start fogging up, increase the temperature on the inside of your vehicle to prevent moisture from forming on the outside.

There are three ways to do this:

  • Warm the Inside – Drop your air conditioning to the lowest setting to increase the warmth without over-heating everyone inside. If this doesn’t help, shut the air conditioning off completely until the windows clear.
  • Use the Wipers – This type of fog is on the outside of your windows, so use your windshield wipers to your advantage to get rid of the condensation until the temperature or conditions balance out and the fog clears away.
  • Recirculation Off – In the tip for foggy windows when the temperature outside is cooler, we said to shut the recirculation off. You should also turn it off when the weather outside is warmer than the inside to help equalize the moisture levels on the inside with the levels on the outside.

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