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New Bedford Car Insurance: Common Driving Hazards in Autumn

Driving Hazards in the Fall MonthsIf you own a car in Massachusetts and have driven here for more than a year, chances are good that you have come across at least one of these driving hazards. Fall and winter can be very dangerous if you don’t know what to do when weather conditions become extreme or when other seasonal issues come into play. Borden Insurance Agency in New Bedford wants to provide you with these tips to help you have a safer driving season this fall. Having a good and safe driving record helps you to get more affordable rates for your Massachusetts auto insurance through discounts and other incentives. While accidents can happen anytime or anywhere, the more proactive you are to be a safe driver, the more likely you will be to have a clean record with no accidents or claims.

Cold Temperatures: Frost, Ice Patches and Road Hazards, Oh My!
When the cold weather hits the northeastern states, a lot of things can happen overnight to make your commute to work a real hazard. Cold temperatures mean frost and ice on roads and windshields. While you might be aware and on the lookout for these issues, other drivers may not be so savvy. In addition to watching out for hazards to your vehicle, you need to be aware of what other drivers on the road are doing at all times.

The freeze-thaw cycle that we see here in New England can also cause new potholes, cracks and puddling to occur that weren’t there in the spring or summer when the roads are clear. Be prepared to make adjustments if you see a large pothole or crack, without endangering yourself or other drivers on the road. Damage caused by run-ins with these road hazards have been seen at our auto insurance in New Bedford, MA.

Be alert when crossing bridges and overpasses, as they are prone to developing ice before the roads and can be extremely dangerous. Approach with caution, especially in the early morning and evening hours, when the sun cannot melt away the ice. If you are unsure of how to drive in these conditions, speak with your Massachusetts auto insurance agent about local driving courses and other tips that you can use to boost your driving skills before the bad weather hits.

Wet Leaves: Beautiful, Yet Deadly
People come from all over the world to see the beautiful fall foliage here in New England. Unfortunately, when those leaves start to fall and combine with wet weather and roads, they become very dangerous. Rain and even morning dew can turn those colorful leaves into a road hazard. They make it difficult to determine the lane widths on the road and make it hard to know if road shoulders are safe to pull onto in heavy traffic. They can also cover road markings and reduce traction, causing all sorts of driving problems.

Allow more time in your morning commute, whether you are heading off to work or dropping the kids off at school. This will give you more time to be careful and cautious when driving during this time of year. Increase the amount of distance between you and the car ahead of you to give you more time to stop in case the roads are slick.

Visit your local New Bedford car insurance agent to discuss other safe driving tips and to check your current policy to make sure you are adequately covered. You may want to increase your coverage, add on extra coverage due to changes in your personal situation, or discuss ways to lower your rates with new incentives and discounts that you may now be eligible for on your existing policy. Make sure to visit your insurance agency in New Bedford at least once each year to discuss your coverage in-person.

Other Hazards: Be an Alert Driver
In addition to the common hazards discussed above, there are other things that you need to know about regarding safe driving this time of year. Void driving through piles of leaves, as children have been known to play in or hide in them, especially in neighborhoods. Never park your vehicle on a pile of leaves, as the heat from your exhaust could possibly start a fire. Stay on top of your tires – check the tire pressure, get them rotated regularly and check with a reputable tire shop to ensure that they are in good condition for seasonal driving. Decreased visibility due to earlier sunsets and darker morning commutes can also be cause for accidents. Be alert and aware of other drivers around you who might not be prepared for the change in season. Deer can also be a hazard in Southeastern Massachusetts, especially during the hours of dawn and dusk.

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