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Contact a MA Auto Insurance Agent if You Are Getting Married

Auto Insurance Policy MarriedDid you know that your New Bedford car insurance policy can change when you get married? In fact, you might even be eligible for a discount. If you are making plans to walk down the aisle this year, don’t forget to contact your MA auto insurance agent. Marriage changes a lot of things in your life, such your tax filing status, living arrangements, and even your New Bedford car insurance. It pays to work closely with your agent to learn what you need to do with your auto insurance in New Bedford, MA after you get married.

Studies show that people who are married get into fewer accidents than people who are not married. As a result, discounts are often available for married clients. Get a brand new Massachusetts auto insurance quote from your agent once you get married and see how much you can save. You might be surprised at the discounts that can often times be available to newly married couples.

Combining Your Insurance Policies
You can also combine your New Bedford car insurance with your spouse to get even more discounts. However, it is important to consider your new spouse’s driving record and insurance payment record before you do so. If you and your spouse have spotless driving records, do not have any gaps in your coverage for auto insurance in New Bedford, MA and the surrounding area, you are likely to qualify for some savings.

Another discount to consider with a new Massachusetts auto insurance quote is being eligible for multiple vehicles being insured on the same policy. Depending on your policy and type of New Bedford car insurance, you may be able to get a multi-car discount or some other incentive from your local insurance agent. Even if you were both clients of Borden Insurance, you might still qualify for discounts that you weren’t eligible for when you were single.

The Case for Keeping Policies Separate
Policy savings for auto insurance in New Bedford, MA aside, there may be some pretty valid reasons for you to NOT combine your policy with your new spouse’s auto insurance policy. When you stop by our office to speak with your MA auto insurance agent, be prepared to answer questions about your driving record and insurance history, especially if you are going to apply for a brand new Massachusetts auto insurance quote.

Some reasons NOT to combine policies for New Bedford car insurance include:

  • one of you has a bad driving record
  • one of you has a high-risk driver’s insurance policy
  • one of you has made lots of insurance claims
  • one of you has frequent moving violations

Combining the policies of a low-risk driver with a high-risk driver will frequently result in higher rates. However, the total cost for combining these policies together could ultimately be lower anyway due to multi-car discounts and other factors. Because insurance companies consider the driving records of every licensed adult living in the same house, your rate still might go up even if you don’t combine your policies. Having a high-risk driver living under your roof makes you a higher risk just by association.

Other Insurance Options to Consider
Even if your new spouse has a spotless driving and payment record, combining your policy with theirs could still be a bad idea. For example, if your spouse owns an expensive car, such as a sports car or a classic car, their policy is likely very expensive. It doesn’t even matter if this car is a weekend car or a seasonal car that is kept garaged, the cost of the vehicle and type of vehicle is what elicits the Massachusetts auto insurance quote for the policy.

One way to avoid a rate increase if you marry someone who has a bad driving record or insurance payment record is to exclude them from your policy. Speak with your MA auto insurance agent about excluding your spouse from coverage on your New Bedford car insurance policy. This option is not available in every state and not every insurance provider offers it to their clients, so don’t rely on this opportunity being offered.

Contact Borden Insurance in New Bedford
There is a lot more to consider when getting married than just securing a venue and buying a dress. Make sure to work closely with your agent to get the best possible rates for auto insurance in New Bedford, MA. Call our team of trained and knowledgeable agents at 508-999-3636 to get a Massachusetts auto insurance quote from Borden Insurance.