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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist for New Bedford Homeowners

Spring Maintenance MassachusettsWhen the snow and ice finally melt away, it’s time for homeowners in Massachusetts to check their home for any wintertime damage that might have occurred. Getting on a regular schedule of performing home maintenance tasks each season is a great way to protect your investment in your home. Your MA homeowners insurance agency wants to encourage you to do seasonal checks to make sure that small issues don’t become big problems.

For more tips, visit your insurance agency in New Bedford. You should also come in at least once a year to go over your New Bedford home insurance to advise your agent of any remodeling, changes or upgrades that have been done to your home. It is important to stay current with your information to provide the best possible protection for your home. Call your New Bedford insurance agent today for more ways to protect your home year-round.

Step One – Check the Foundation
Start at the bottom and work your way up. Start by doing a perimeter check of your home and look at the foundation. You should look for any cracks or chips in the foundation, as well as in the base of your home. Any cracks or holes should be repaired right away to make sure that moisture or pests don’t get in your home. Consider calling out a contractor to make sure that these small cracks aren’t the sign of something more serious. Let your insurance agency in New Bedford know if you have to do any major repairs to your foundation.

Step Two – Check the Basement or Crawl Space
If your home has a basement or crawl space, take this time to check for any water leakage or moisture build-up on the floors and walls. This is especially important if you noticed any cracks in the foundation in the first step. If you have a finished basement, make sure that no damage has been done to the carpet or drywall. Look at the walls for any soggy spots or areas that feel damp. If there is any kind of leak, mold and mildew could start growing behind the walls, which can be a big problem. If you have any type of moisture damage, contact your New Bedford insurance agent.

Step Three – Check Gutters
Another way that spring showers can be devastating to your home is through leaks that can form because of dirty gutters. Check your home’s gutters to see if they are filled with leaves, twigs, pine needles, cones, acorns and other types of debris. If you have a lot of issues with dirty gutters and have to clean them more than twice a year to prevent leaks or damage to your home, consider upgrading to seamless aluminum gutters and add a gutter guard system to keep 99 percent of debris out of your gutters. When gutters get clogged they break, cause leaks and can make water flow where you don’t want it. Speak with your MA homeowners insurance office about other ways to keep water away from your home.

Step Four – Check the Outside of Your House
Take a good look at the exterior of your home. If you have a painted home, check for any problems with the paint, such as cracking, peeling or bubbling. If you have aluminum siding, check for any bends, breaks or tweaks in the material. If you have a brick house, check for any cracks in the brick, as you would in the foundation. While you look at the exterior, also check doors and windows, porches and decks, as well as any other attached items to make sure that nothing got broken or damaged during the winter season. If you make any upgrades, such as adding a deck or outdoor living space, make sure to speak with your New Bedford home insurance agent to update your policy.

Step Five – Check the Roof
The final step is to check your roof, especially if you had issues with the exterior of your home or your gutters. Spring is a good time to check your roof to make sure that everything looks the way that it should. MA homeowners insurance experts recommend that you should get your roof inspected twice each year, especially right after a very heavy rain or storm. Check for any water marks or mold in the plywood to make sure water isn’t getting inside your home from your roof. Look at the shingles to make sure none are missing or worn. If you put on a brand new roof, make sure to let your insurance agency in New Bedford know so they can update your policy.

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