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Brake Check: Auto Insurance in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Professional Brake RepairEven if you aren’t confident enough to do repair work to your vehicle’s brake system, it is still a good idea for your to take some time to learn how to check your brakes at home. Bringing your vehicle in to a professional for brake pad maintenance and regular inspections is key to keeping your car or truck in good working order, but it is also something that could save your life. Unfortunately, many drivers forget to check their brakes and don’t even think about them until they stop working or if they start making a screeching noise when they come to a stop.

Brakes are part of a system that helps your car to come to a stop. This is true in traffic around town, out for a country drive, in the middle a New England winter or out near the beach in the summer. There are a lot of different environmental things that can cause your brakes to not function as well as they should, which is why drivers are cautioned by their New Bedford car insurance agents to drive carefully in inclement weather or hazardous conditions. However, if your brakes are not functioning properly then you could have some safety issues even in the best of weather and conditions.

What to Look for in Brakes
Your brakes have a built-in alert system that helps drivers to know when they need to be replaced. Your professional insurance companies in New Bedford, MA want you to know that there are a couple of different ways that you will be able to tell if you need to get your brakes checked or bring them in to be replaced.

  • NOISE – We mentioned the screeching brakes, but there are other types of noises that you need to be on the look out for as well. Brake pads will make a variety of noises when they become worn and need to be replaced. One noise will sound like metal on metal – sometimes even when the car is moving and you aren’t pressing down on the brake. When the brakes do get used for stopping at a stop sign or pulling into the driveway at your home, the sound will get even louder. Don’t ignore this noise and get to a professional repair shop right away.
  • DUST – Another way to tell if your brakes are wearing out is to look at the wheels of your vehicle. Brake dust is formed when the pads start wearing away. As they wear out completely and begin to come apart, the amount of dust that gets formed on your vehicle’s wheels will decrease as the brake pads begin to wear away. So if you notice that your wheels are cleaner after having a lot of dust accumulate on them just a little while before, it might be a sign that your brake pads need checking or replacement.
  • THICKNESS – The next thing to do if you suspect that your brakes might need to be replaced is to look through the wheel and peek at the brake pad. The thickness of the pad is what lets you know if it needs to be replaced or not. If it is very thin, like less than a quarter of an inch, then it should be replaced. Depending on the brand, some brake pads have a special slot in the center that is used as a wear indicator. If you know that’s the type that you have, check to see if the slot is still there. If it is gone, then the pad needs to be replaced.

Get a Professional Inspection
Your New Bedford insurance agent wants to make sure that you are aware of the importance of getting your brakes checked regularly as part of your maintenance and service. Regular inspections are important to the safe operation of your vehicle. If you do not get your brake pads replaced when they are worn out, you could do some severe damage to your brake rotors. These are very important to your overall braking system and, if they become damaged, they will have to be replaced as well. Brake rotors will cost you even more to replace than a simple brake pad replacement.

Speak with your New Bedford insurance agent about other things that should be inspected regularly on your vehicle. Good habits for vehicle maintenance and inspections are just as important as having good auto insurance in New Bedford, MA. Speak with your agent to make sure that you have proper coverage for your vehicle, according to your needs, driving style and any requirements from a lender or lien holder. New Bedford car insurance will help to protect you in case of an accident or an incident with your vehicle.

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