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How to Prepare Your Home for Summer in Massachusetts

Owning a home can be a lot of work, however much of the work associated with home ownership is in prevention. Each season there is a new list of responsibilities that much be completed in order to prepare for the changes in the weather, either to help keep you and your family warm and dry or cool and safe.

Most Massachusetts home owners are familiar with the things that need to be done for the winter months, such as stocking up on ice and snow removal products and equipment, putting up storm windows and checking on the heater system. However, not as much attention is paid to preparing your home for the summer in the New England states as it should.

This article will focus on all the things you should consider doing to help keep your home prepared and in tip-top shape for the summer. For even more tips about home safety in Massachusetts, speak with your New Bedford home insurance agent and check out other areas of this blog for more information.

Step One: Appliances
The first step in preparing your home for the summer season is to have your summertime appliances checked and serviced. Call out a local air conditioning repair service company before it gets warm to ensure that your system is functioning properly and efficiently.

These services will be cheaper in the early spring, before everyone else in town switches on the A/C for the first time, only to find that their unit needs to be charged or cleaned. Consider getting on an annual cleaning and service agreement, which can save you even more money on these services.

Step Two: Landscaping
Part of home safety in Massachusetts include a year-round inspection of the landscaping around your home. Ensure that tree branches haven’t been injured in the snow and ice of the winter season and remove any that might cause damage to your roof or the structure of your home. Check bushes for signs of animal nesting and consider hiring an expert to take a look and remove any pests, if necessary.

Plant bushes, hedges, trees and other plants early in the season to give them time to spread their roots and grow throughout the warmer months. Bushes and hedges are a great way to increase home safety in Massachusetts, creating privacy, preventing would-be burglars from entering the home through open windows on warm summer nights.

Step Three: Exterior Equipment
After you put away all of your snow and ice equipment, it’s time to get out your summer things. Patio furniture, grills and gardening equipment should be properly cleaned after spending several months in storage and checked before use. Massachusetts home owners should store dangerous or sharp gardening objects in your garage or shed when not in use to prevent injury and increase safety.

Change out storm windows for lighter season windows and screens. Always use proper equipment, such as steady ladders and proper tools for the job. Store your storm windows safely in your shed, basement, garage or other storage area to protect them for fall and winter. The same goes for storm doors and screen doors, which are often exchanged this time of year.

If you don’t already have safety and security equipment installed on your home, such as a third-party monitoring security service, security cameras and other deterrents, consider adding them for extra protection. Speak with your New Bedford home insurance agent to find out what types of security equipment are recommended for your home and if installing any of them will get your discounts on your homeowners insurance policy in New Bedford.

Step Four: Check Your Policy
The final step is to speak with your New Bedford home insurance agent about your current policy. Ensure that your property is properly insured and that you have all the proper riders for any special options, such as a pool, spa or pets. Summer is a great time to go over your homeowners insurance policy with your New Bedford agent to make sure nothing has changed from the previous year and make sure that your investment is adequately protected.