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Home Owner’s Insurance: Landscaping Tricks That Can Improve Your Home’s Security

Today’s home owners in New Bedford know that security is an essential part of owning their own home. There are lots of options available, such as high-tech security cameras around the property or a security company to monitor and protect the home. Your homeowners insurance agent in New Bedford can probably give you even more ideas for protecting your home.

In addition to these more costly security options, there are a few simple things you can do regarding the landscaping of your home that will make it less “friendly” to burglars. Here are some ideas for weekend projects that can help New Bedford home owners prevent break ins.

Bushes and Hedges

It is important to make sure that all of your windows and doors are locked before you leave your home each day. Beyond that, bushes can actually help to make your windows less accessible to burglars. Tall, column style bushes are a type of shrubbery that can be trimmed and pruned to block off access to your windows. Hedges that are the height of your windows are also beneficial, making it nearly impossible for someone to break into your home without getting caught up or hurt by the bush in the process.


Smart landscaping doesn’t just involve adding items to block access, it also means evaluating the plants and trees around your home to make sure they aren’t helping burglars gain access to your home. New Bedford home owners should consider removing any trees that are close to their home that could be used to enter upstairs windows. If you don’t want to lose the tree entirely, find out about options for re-locating the tree to another part of your property that won’t invite access.


A fence can be a good deterrent, helps to define your property and it can add curb appeal to any home. Choose from wooden, chain-link or vinyl PVC in a number of different styles, heights and colors. Make sure to check with your local homeowner’s association or find out if there are any rules for New Bedford home owners that might preclude you from using a certain type of fence.


Landscape lighting is a low-cost way to add another layer of security to your home that has been proven to deter burglars from breaking into a home during the night. Motion sensor lighting near your side gate, back door, garage or other areas of your property that are in need of some extra lighting can be a low cost way to increase your home’s security. In addition to scaring away would-be burglars, the additional lighting can help keep your family safe when navigating these areas in the dark, preventing accidents and run ins with local wildlife or stray pets.

Other Things You Can Do

There are many other low cost security solutions that you can use to help protect your home and keep your family safe. In addition to the list below, speak with your New Bedford insurance company for additional ideas that you can incorporate into your home’s landscaping and ask if there are any discounts available for installing more high-tech security equipment and alarms.

  • put your indoor lights on a timer so they will come on even when you aren’t home
  • consider getting a dog or make a recording of a dog barking that will sound on a sensor to scare burglars away
    add deadlocks to all external doors, including any doors that lead from the garage into your home
  • check locks on all windows to ensure they are functioning properly and make sure all are locked when you are gone and at night when you are sleeping
  • consider adding blinds, heavy duty curtains or other window treatments that would prevent burglars from looking into your home to scope out your property
  • speak with your neighbors and look out for each other by paying attention to any strange persons, vehicles or traffic in your community
  • look into installing video cameras and other technology-driven deterrents that might make burglars think twice before entering your home

There are lots of ways for home owners in New Bedford to increase their home security to prevent burglars or other intruders from getting inside. Speak with your New Bedford insurance company for more information about home security.